Well Tracer Service


Well tracer testing is a common practice in the oil and gas industry, and is widely used to assess field development. A single well tracer test is one type of tracer testing that uses oil-soluble tracers injected into a reservoir. The tracers are held near the bore of the producing well, and the concentration of the returned traces is used to calculate the oil saturation in the pay zone.

Well tracers are chemical compounds that are specific to the hydrocarbon phase of the reservoir. Samples of the produced oil and gas are collected and analyzed. Tracer services can help evaluate the drilling and completion processes, and optimize future well design. They also help monitor production levels, as well as improve well monitoring.

The process of well tracer services is highly accurate, and it can help identify a well's productivity level. The well tracer service has a simple method for injecting a tracer solution into the wellbore and monitoring its concentration in the well. New submersible ion-selective electrode instrumentation helps operators monitor the concentration of tracers at a submersible level.

Well tracers are best used for wells that have multiple stages. They help to monitor the efficiency of a completion by identifying regions that have similar properties. They also help to evaluate the effectiveness of different completion methods. For example, one operator wanted to test the efficiency of three different proppants at tail-in. While the 40/70 proppant was the primary completion design, they wanted to determine if the other two proppants offered a better cost-to-production opportunity. Click here to find out more aspects to consider when hiring a well tracing service.

During a radiation survey, the company must record the radiation levels at the job site and at the well-head. These measurements must be made before and after the operation, and the exact location of the survey is documented. Detailed records must be maintained for three years after the survey. The records must include the date and location of the survey and the individual who made the survey. This post: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Well_services will help you understand the topic even better.

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